The Best Jigsaws Tools for 2021

The Best Jigsaws Tools for 2021

We decided to give our readers a more detailed guide to the best miter saw time, following up on our Jigsaws Tools 12-inch miter saw post.

If we were to choose only one kind of power saw for the average home DIYer, it would be a Jigsaws Tools. We consider these portable devices to be an integral part of any well-rounded toolkit because of their versatility. They’re made to be particularly easy to handle, allowing you to make straight cuts as well as curved and rounded strokes that would be difficult with most Jigsaws Tools.

Their reciprocating blades have a lot of cutting strength, and they can cut through wood, sheet metal, and plastic. Their reciprocating knives have a lot of cutting strength, and they can cut through wood, sheet metal, and plastic. However, since these exposed blades can be deadly, make sure to follow all safety protocols when using.

What to Think About

When buying a jigsaw, the most important consideration is whether you choose a corded or battery-powered model. In most cases, a corded model will suffice, and the ease of not having to deal with batteries and chargers outweighs the inconvenience of wrangling an extension cord. In this scenario, you might be able to get a good discount on “tool-only” cordless devices that don’t come with a charger.

How We Made Our Decision

We used our vast experience with Jigsaws Tools in both residential and commercial building environments to compile this list of options. Us also did our best to consider a range of rates and include options for all, regardless of their financial situation. For those that are just getting started in their DIY journey, there are a couple of kits that include a set of extra blades.






This Black & Decker battery-powered alternative is remarkably inexpensive, and it comes with a powerful 20-volt motor and variable speed trigger for optimum control when cutting. It also makes it easy to make 45-degree bevels in both directions.

Keep in mind that at this cheap price, you’ll have to sacrifice a few features, such as the brushed engine, which won’t last as long as a brushless version and the lack of an orbital configuration. However, if you’re only looking for a product to have on hand for quick cuts, this is a good option.


Bosch 7.0 Amp Jigsaw




This choice includes a kit of ten spare blades, four of which can be used on metal, so you’ll be ready for a wide range of projects. This model’s barrel-style configuration is excellent for retaining power when cutting, but you can prefer the more traditional D-style handles.

This is a corded model, so it isn’t as portable as battery-powered models, but it’s perfect for long projects where a battery’s lifetime could be an issue. Furthermore, the textured rubber handle gives a comfortable and secure grip when in use.


SKIL 5 Amp Corded Jigsaw




Even though this Skil jigsaw is one of the cheapest on the market, it has enough features to handle most popular DIY projects. Its four orbital settings make it ideal for heavy-duty cutting, and the bevel adjustment enables you to make angled cuts.

We like its braking feature because it immediately stops the blade when you’re done cutting, unlike some other solutions that need you to keep the device still as it slows down steadily. This is a perfect deal if you’re looking for a basic option from a reputable producer.


PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jigsaw, 6.0-Amp




We’ve always admired Porter Cable’s commitment to making their tools as simple to use as possible, and this model is no exception. The unit’s bright red trigger, lock switch, and speed dial are all simple to find and use, and the four orbital settings are controlled with a big lever on the side.

This lock button comes in handy for longer tasks because it allows you to keep the device going without having to hold down the key, which reduces hand and arm fatigue. It’s also simple to swap blades when you need them, thanks to the keyless blade change mechanism.


Makita 12V MAX CXT Jigsaw Kit



We’ve had good luck with Makita’s battery-powered gadgets, and the fact that this one comes with two 2.0Ah batteries makes it even cooler. It has a handy dust port on the back of the device that you can use to attach a shop vac or other dust collecting machine, resulting in a pretty clean workspace when you’re done cutting.

Makita’s battery-powered tools have always worked well for us, and the fact that this one comes with two 2.0Ah batteries makes it even better. It has a convenient dust port on the back that you can use to attach a shop vac or other dust-gathering unit, resulting in a very clean workspace when you’re finished cutting.





$258.10 (14% off)


This DeWALT model does the most competitive out there, but if you’re looking for a high-quality tool that can withstand daily violence, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Its 20-volt motor also generates a significant amount of electricity, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks. One of our favorite aspects of this model is its massive 4.0Ah battery, which lasts longer than the smaller 1.5 or 2.0Ah models. Its dust blower is also a good story, as that improves precision and makes accurate marks smoother.


Bosch 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw




This saw, added Bosch model, is an excellent alternative for those looking for a high-quality option at a fair price. The included bevel wrench makes it simple to shift the shoe plate anytime you need to alter the angle of your cut, and it slips snugly into the power cord base so you won’t have to look for it.

As you work, the included dust blower cleans away dirt, maintaining optimum visibility and increasing accuracy, lowering the odds of making a costly error when following the cut line. It also comes with a convenient plastic bag for when it’s not in operation.


BLACK+DECKER 5.0-Amp Jigsaw with Blades Set




This saw comes with three blades, allowing you to cut wood, metal, and laminate flooring. It’s a high beginner option. These blades can last you a long time if thou just looking for a weapon to use once in a while. This saw is more simple to use, with big, easy-to-understand buttons, including a bright orange spring-loaded blade release lever that makes switching blades in and out simple, depending on the job. Its great shoe offers a stable base, allowing for maximum skill and power. This also provides for 45-degree beveled slices.

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