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Power and hand tools

By Silver Locket

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Conclusion Intro:

Half the fun in playing with hand-held power tools is picking names for them. While hand-held per se, I have classified these tools as “power” tools because they are more frequently driven by hand power than by an electric motor.

I recommend that you do not actually use hand tools for whatever nefarious purposes you have in mind, but instead, make liberal use of the hand tools in this article to help explain the workings of your hand-held power tools.

Power and hand tools:

You know what a drill is, right? Drill bits are basic steel tubes with cutting teeth around the outside. A hand drill is simply a handheld tool that rotates the drill bit to cut holes in things Power and hand tools.

There are two main types of hand drills:

Crank and gear.

Crank drills work by having the user turn a handle connected to an offset shaft which itself turns the bits inside the casing of the hand drill. Gear drills provide supplementary hand power to a hand drill through graduated gears, allowing more torque and less hand cranking. The electric screwdriver is likely the most common hand-power tool in Equestria. They can be used for driving screws or for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.

The hand-crank and the pistol grip. The hand-cranked screwdriver is a hand wrench in miniature, using gears to provide hand power to increase torque.

In this case, hand power is provided by way of a handle that you turn with your hand in order to drive screws or tighten bolts. This common hand drill can also be used to drill holes, though this is more difficult as hand-cranked drills require the user to continually twist their wrist.

This type of handheld power tool usually takes two forms:

A hand drill bit can be sharpened by hand on a whetstone or other abrasive surface,

But it’s usually better to pull out a hand file and hone them that way as hand-powered files are smaller and thus more likely to be handheld. Pistol grip hand drills provide hand power through a gear mechanism inside the handle of the drill which allows for less hand cranking and more torque.

This type of handheld power tool is also referred to as a “ratchet” or “ratcheting hand drill” And can drive screws without needing to spin the hand drill at all. You just switch between forward and reverse motion on the hand drill to drive screws in either direction, thus negating the need to hand crank at all.

The hand screwdriver is not as versatile as an electric screwdriver or hand drill, but it can be used for tasks like drywall patching or light sheet metal work. Hand-cranked and pistol grip drill driver sets usually come with a wide variety of bits, but if you want to do any serious drilling (like woodworking or metalwork) it is almost always more economical to buy separate hand drill bits. Each size of the hand screwdriver bit requires its own spindle size on the ratcheting hand drill. If you only have one bit attached to your hand drill, it will spin like a top when you switch between forward and reverse power and hand tools.

Crank Type Drill/Driver:

Pistol Grip Drill:

  1. Power cord attaches to the back of the drill at the bottom of the picture
  2. Start button on front of hand drill
  3. Directional Switch
  4. Forward/Reverse switch
  5. Pistol Grip Handle
  6. Gear casing for gear mechanism
  7. Wrench
Specialized Power Tools: Maker/Soldering Iron:
  • Power cord attaches to the back of the soldering iron
  • Temperature dial
  • On/Off switch
  • Soldering tip
  • Handle and wire stand
  • This is a picture of a cordless drill, but they work just like a regular electric drill
  • Power cord attaches to the back of the saw
  • Safety button
  • Trigger
  • Handle
  • Base plate
  • Blade
  • Guide Bar
  • this is a picture of a cordless screwdriver, but they work just like a regular electric screwdriver.
  • Power and hand tools

1) Power cord attaches to the back of the welder
2) Top handle
3) Welder
4) Wire feeder
5) Welding rod
6) Welding helmet
7) Ground clamp

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