The Best Budget-Friendly Miter Saws

Few woodworking machines will equal the 10-inch compound saw’s flexibility, portability, and cost effectiveness.

The 10-inch miter saws a compact machine that cuts pieces to length easily and precisely, is one of the most effective tools available. You will make a piece of furniture with one of these and a cordless drill. Construction lumber, furniture and cabinet pieces, baseboard molding, door and window trim, and wood flooring will all be sheared by the saw on its own. With the addition of a specialized non-ferrous cutter, you can cut anything from aluminum trim to copper tubing to laminate-covered flooring.

So far, we’ve established that these small miter saws are capable and adaptable. But here’s the best part: you don’t have to spend a lot to get one. Entry-level saws typically range in price between $100 to $200, with the sweet spot coming anywhere between $140 and $150. Given all one of these miter saws can do, that’s not a bad deal, particularly when you consider the convenience it can bring to a DIY project or the gratification you’ll get from learning new skills.

How We Selected

The four best miter saws from our tests, which included cutting hardwood, softwood, building lumber, and wood trim, are listed below. All of the miter saws performed admirably, with a few quirks that surfaced during our testing. Nonetheless, we were happily delighted, and each has plenty to give you for the next home renovation project or whether you want to get into woodworking.


Craftsman CMXEMAR120



Weight: 24 lb.

Amps: 15

The fold-flat style of this Craftsman is appealing for both storage and transportation. It can be carried up stairs or through a doorway in one side. It can be folded without the use of any hardware. In addition, the CMXEMAR120 stands up in its packed-down state thanks to a special plastic storage base, taking up much less shelf space than most saws. When it comes to cutting, the motor’s shape and position allow you to buzz through three sizes of crown molding when standing against the fence.

If we have one criticism of the saw, it would be that the handle geometry isn’t especially convenient. After repeated slices, our hands were tired.


Delta S26-262L



Weight: 22 lb.

Amps: 15

The S26-262L is dead-on reliable right out of the box, requiring no hassle or change. It also has the deepest base (15 inches), smoothest and highest turntable, and tallest and strongest fencing of all the saws here. Furthermore, there is a noticeable — and much-appreciated — absence of vibration when chopping.

This isn’t to say that this is the only saw on the market (there isn’t one). The bag lacked a lot of dust and shavings, and the middle of the dust chute’s two die-cast supporting ribs.


Chicago Electric 61973



Weight: 22 lb.

Amps: 15

This is a simple miter saw that has a little more vibration than the Delta and cuts with speed. It does not include a razor, but it does include two spare carbon motor brushes. But plan on getting a good blade on it, which will cost anything from $30 to $50.

Even, to be honest, there is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to this saw. While it is inexpensive, it required more effort to change its precision than the other machines. Fortunately, it was locked in and cut reliably until we finished fine-tuning.

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